Things To Do In Bodrum – A Bodrum Guide 2020

Things to Do in Bodrum – A Bodrum Guide 2020

There are many things to do in Bodrum, a Turkish holiday resort that is located in Mugra province of Turkey. You will learn all of them here; yet, before getting into the details of the things to do in Bodrum, let us give some general information about Bodrum for ones who have no idea about this paradisiacal place. If you want to jump to the list of things to do in Bodrum, though, you can find them below, listed with numbers. Now, let’s get to know Bodrum better!

  • Bodrum is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. As a result, even if the population of Bodrum is roughly 176k, during every summer this number reaches to millions!
  • The area of Bodrum stretches from the south-west coast right into the Aegean Sea, and its location makes it more unique. Speaking of uniqueness, you should know that Bodrum is also a peninsula.
  • Bodrum, Turkey is one of the places that has managed to distinctly stand out from the rest thanks to its matchless location that connects Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea, historical buildings, and sites which include medieval fortresses and castles all make it an attractive tourist destination. In other words, this is a place where natural wonders, history, culture, and luxury meet.
  • Bodrum can appeal to the different interests and priorities of travelers by providing them with stunning views of natural landscapes (for nature lovers), beautiful beaches (for swimmers) , world-class resorts (for luxury seekers), thrilling water sports (for adrenaline addicts), historical buildings (for history fans) and a crazy nightlife (for youthful souls)!
  • This fact is very interesting and it will attract the history lovers, we suppose: The Father of History, Herodotus has born in Bodrum!
  • Being different from other holiday resorts of Turkey, Bodrum is famous for its white houses over the hills, and this style makes it look very sympatric, charming and warm.

Now, you can easily guess there are so many things to do in Bodrum, in such a rich and unique city like that! After ending the (interesting) facts of Bodrum section, we will continue with letting you know many options to help making your mind about how to spend your days in Bordrum, in our Bodrum guide. If you are ready to learn, you should grab a pencil and paper to take down some notes and keep reading!

Things to Do in Bodrum & Places to Visit in Bodrum

This high-profile tourist destination, Bodrum offers its visitors a comprehensive experience. It consists of a blend of culture, historical sites, sandy beaches, the pristine waters of the Aegean Sea and the commercial hubs to create a one-stop tourist destination for every kind of visitors. By reading the following sentences, you will be able to choose the best things to do in Bodrum for yourself.

1) Sign up For Bodrum Daily Boat Trips

Bodrum is a coastal city and it has attractive beaches, bays and coves that dot its coastline. Hence, one of the things to do in Bodrum that most tourists enjoy is taking a Bodrum boat trip. The combination of sand, sun, and sea make the boat trips worth the fun. These trips can range from a few hours (half a day or full day), a couple of days, and sometimes weeks. Apart from getting a beautiful gaze of the Turkish coastline, you can enjoy snorkeling in the turquoise waters, and even visit the hot springs which are found on the Black Island.

In a nutshell, if you want to have the best swimming experience in Bodrum which is away from the crowd, uproar, stress and expensiveness, you should definitely join in Bodrum daily boat trips such as All-inclusive Bodrum Boat Trip for an ultimate fun and joy.

2) Join in Thrilling Activities

Bodrum is a suitable place for exciting activities by having favorable waters and lands; thus, one of the things to do in Bodrum is to join in them. The best thing about these activities is that they can be customized to meet the needs of different people. Depending on your interests, you can easily enjoy water sports in Bodrum such as scuba diving, rafting, fishing; or you can enjoy the feeling of conquering the valuable terrains of Bodrum by joining in horse safari, jeep safari or quad & buggy bike safari. Whatever you choose, do not forget to feel the exciting side of Bodrum!

3) Relax in Bodrum Turkish Bath

Turkish baths (hammams) are places that are normally associated with the local culture. One of the things to do in Bodrum is that you should definitely engage in while you are in this coastal city is taking a Bodrum Turkish Bath session which is cleansing and refreshing. Being in a Bodrum hammam will leave you feeling rejuvenated physically and mentally thanks to the black soap and the steam used to treat the body.

4) Be a Diver in Bodrum Scuba Diving

If you want to discover and enjoy the underwater world that’s found in the Aegean Sea, then you should definitely go scuba diving, one of the most popular things to do in Bodrum by local and foreign tourists who are the explorers of the depths! Hundreds of people cannot be wrong: Bodrum Scuba Diving is one of the most fun and enlightening things to do in Bodrum and it will leave you in awe. The trip which is facilitated with an English guide involves the use of top-notch equipment that makes underwater travel secure and visible. Taking the Bodrum scuba diving tour with our agency will give you an opportunity to marvel at the stunning and untouched marine life.

As a note here, you don’t need to have past experience in order to go for scuba diving. Our guides will offer you all the support that you need while you are underwater. Furthermore, you don’t need personal equipment because everything is covered for once you pay!

5) Have Fun in Bodrum Waterparks

If you are a water sports lover, you should know that Bodrum is a tourist destination that contains a wide range of water parks; therefore, having fun in one of them is one of the things to do in Bodrum for you. Bodrum waterparks are the largest ones in that region and they feature various types of slides that are suitable for adults as well as kids.

The family-friendly places also have splash pools and access to wheelchairs. Bodrum waterparks also involve activities like animation, mini club, foam parties, and DJ performances. In a nutshell, tourists like you are guaranteed adrenaline rushing moments. During the hours in there, you will not only enjoy and splash water around but also engage in foam parties and dances.

6) Visit Bodrum Castle

Especially for history admirers, visiting Bodrum Castle is one of the best things to do in Bodrum. This castle is a popular historical site and one of the top places to visit. It, which was built around 1402-1437, has stunning domineering walls, beautiful turrets plus conspicuous towers which add to its unique magnificent look. Overlooking the harbor, Bodrum Castle offers visitor’s silhouette views of the Aegean Sea. The impressive building also hides the renowned underwater Bodrum museum. Inside the walls of this castle lie precious artifacts as well as other archeological materials which were used during the Ottoman Empire.

7) Observe the Anciency with Bodrum Ephesus Tour

Being located in Izmir province of Turkey, the ancient city of Ephesus is a historical city that dates back to the 10th BC. Once one of the largest commercial centers, according to research reports, it was the heart of the ancient Greek Empire. Taking a trip to this gem is one of the alternative things to do in Bodrum and it will allow you to walk back in time. The monuments, structures as well as the design highlight a deeper contrast of the ancient times and the current modern world. Walking along its marble streets, exploring the Temple of Hadrian and visiting the Great Amphitheatre will give you a real-life perception of the ancient life.

Our Bodrum Ephesus Tour is conducted with a well-experienced English guide in addition to pickups and drop-offs. Thus, from beginning to end, you will be benefit from an exclusive service before, during and after the exploration of the ancient city of Ephesus.

8) Visit Etrim Village

Bodrum is a unique place with its white houses, orange sky at the sunset, smooth sea, and of course, peaceful atmosphere that catches your soul and never releases! And the inner peace that it gives you is also available at the countryside of Bodrum; in fact, it gets even more effective while you are hearing the ringing bells on the collars of sheeps! Thus, we can easily say that exploring the villages of Bodrum is one of the best things to do in Bodrum, especially if you seek for some lovely landscapes and a sincere, humble and warm environment.

As an excellent example, we can lead you to Etrim Village. This village is famous for the production of hand-made carpets and kilims; yet, it holds more than that: This sympatric settlement combines the shades of green and blue, and offers full-organic traditional dishes, friendly local people, natural yards, and more importantly, a matchless source for photography. In short, get your camera and take to the roads to Etrim Village!

9) Visit Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

The pearl of the southern coast of Aegean Region, Bodrum is not only globally popular for having crystal clear waters and smooth sands; it is also popular for having an ancient texture that has come centuries ago through the sea, and all of the valuable, historical items that have been found in the depths of the dark blue are presented in Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Thus, if you are a traveler who likes to solve the mysteries of ancient lives through remains, visiting this museum is one of the best things to do in Bodrum for you. More specifically, you will be able to see shipwrecks, amphoras, the bust of Herodotus and more.

When Can You Visit?

The entrance is available everyday but Mondays. However, you can visit it on the other days, between 8.30 am and 6.00 pm.

How Much Will You Pay?

The entrance fee is only 65 Turkish Liras.

10) Enjoy Bodrum’s “Dark” Side

Nightlife in Bodrum captivates every tourist or local who has a young, energetic and dynamic soul. If you think you are one of them, we would like to introduce one of the perfect things to do in Bodrum for you. Follow the rhythms of Bodrum, thanks to the different types of high-quality pubs, bistros, bars and discos!

When the night comes, the sky, beaches, marina and streets of Bodrum shine with the laser shows and the glows of the jewels on the fascinating clothes of dancers! And to view this striking scene even for a second will make you want to dance all night. Indeed you should; since Bodrum never sleeps and if you sleep, you will regret it later!

If you prefer less dynamism, you can also have a luxurious dinner, listen jazz & blues at lovely restaurants, enjoy some Turkish or universal live music, drink cocktails and dance slowly with your beloved one! If you are single, though, you can meet new people and socialize through the whole night! In any case, we recommend you to enjoy the nightlife in Bodrum!

11) Visit Zeki Muren Arts Museum

This item on the list of things to do in Bodrum is dedicated to people who admire noble and talented musicians and agree on that music is a universal blessing upon the humanity and the quality of the music/musician is not affected by the language or race. If you think so, we highly recommend you to meet one of the best Turkish musicians, Zeki Muren, and honor his sparkling soul. The only thing you should do is to visit his house which has been turned into a museum years after his death.

What Will You See in Zeki Muren Arts Museum?

In Zeki Muren Arts Museum, you will visit Zeki Muren’s house in Bodrum where he spent his last years. More specifically, you will be able to get information about his life through documents while you are viewing photos, costumes, and personal belongings, and listening to the examples of his art.

When/How Can You Visit Zeki Muren Arts Museum?

  • You can visit there every day but Monday:

(April-October) between 08:30 and 19:00

(October-April) between 08:30 and 17:30

  • It is located in Kumbahce neighborhood in Bodrum.
  • The entrance fee is only 10 Turkish Liras.

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I'll be in Bodrum in June and can't wait for trying them all... Thanks for the information!
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I was gonna stay in Bodrum for 5 days but now considering extending my holiday... There are more things to do in Bodrum than I've expected!!! Nice blog by the way, keep updating until I visit there :)
Melanie S. W.
January 5, 2020
Thanks for sharing this post, now I'm making a good list of things to in Bodrum for this August... I hope you add something more until I visit there!!!
January 5, 2020
Hi, that's a nice list and i'll definitely keep that in mind as soon as i visit Bodrum... thanks guys!

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