Things To Do In Bodrum Turkey


Things To Do In Bodrum

Bodrum is a Turkish city that’s located on Bodrum’s Peninsula. It’s one of the top tourist destinations in the world and its area stretches from the south-west coast right into the Aegean Sea. It’s a fantastic place that has beautiful sights and plenty of sun. So, if you are planning for a holiday, why should you visit Bodrum, Turkey? And what are some of the things you can and sites you can explore? Well, let’s find out below.

Why visit Bodrum Turkey?

Turkey is one of the countries that is renowned globally for it’s charming and multiple touristic avenues. However, Bodrum is one of the places that has managed to distinctly stand out from the rest. Its location on the coast of the Aegean Sea, historical buildings, and sites which include medieval fortresses and castles all make it an attractive tourist destination. If you are wondering why you should visit Bodrum, this is a place where history, culture, and luxury meet. It’s a gateway for a thrilling holiday experience. The stunning views, beautiful beaches, world-class resorts, multiple water sports, and architecture are simply unmatched.

Things to Do and See in Bodrum

This high profile tourist destination offers visitors a comprehensive experience. Bodrum consists of a blend of culture, historical sites, sandy beaches, the pristine waters of the Aegean Sea and the commercial hubs to create a one-stop tourist destination for every kind of visitors. Some of the things to do and see while you are in Bodrum include:

Daily Boat Trips

Bodrum is a coastal city hence one of the top activities that most tourists engage in is taking a boat trip. The destination has attractive beaches, bays, and coves that dot its coastline. The combination of sand, sun, and sea make the boat trips worth the fun. These trips can range from a few hours (half a day or full day), a couple of days, and sometimes weeks. Apart from getting a beautiful gaze of the Turkish coastline, you can enjoy snorkeling in the turquoise waters, and even visit the hot springs which are found on the Black Island. The boat trips are also accompanied by activities such as jet-skiing, fishing, and kayaking. The best thing about these trips is that they can be customized to meet the needs of different people. There are numerous yachts which are found on the Bodrum harbor and they can quickly whisk you away from land. The swimming stops, multiple hours of sunbathing while you are on board, and the stunning scenery all offer a lifetime experience.

Bodrum Hamam

Turkish baths (hamams) are places that are normally associated with the local culture. One of the Bodrum activities that you should definitely engage in while you are in this coastal city is taking this Turkish bath which is cleansing and refreshing. Taking a Bodrum hamam will leave you feeling rejuvenated physically and mentally thanks to the black soap and the steam used to treat the body.

Bodrum Jeep Safari

  • Drop off & Insurance
  • An amazing child-friendly safari
  • Lunch included
  • 4x4 Land Rover Off Road

All inclusive Bodrum Boat Trip

  • Visit several Islands & Bays
  • Unlimited alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks
  • Lunch included
  • Guide & Insurance

Bodrum Scuba Diving

If you want to discover and enjoy the underwater world that’s found in the Aegean Sea, then you should definitely go scuba diving. This is one of the fun and enlightening things to do in Bodrum and it will leave you in awe. The trip which is facilitated with an English guide involves the use of top-notch equipment that makes underwater travel secure and visible. Taking the Bodrum scuba diving tour with our agency will give you an opportunity to marvel at the stunning and untouched marine life.

Note: you don’t need to have past experience in order to go for scuba diving. Our guides will offer you all the support that you need while you are underwater. Furthermore, you don’t need personal equipment because everything is covered for once you pay!

Bodrum Waterpark

If you are a water sports lover, the Bodrum is a tourist destination that contains a wide range of water parks. Bodrum waterpark is one of the largest in Turkey and it features various types of slides that are suitable for adults as well as kids. The family-friendly place also has splash pools and its wheelchair accessible. Bodrum waterpark also involves activities like animation, mini club, foam party, and DJ Performances. The highlights include the Bodrum Waterpark, Aqua land, and Aqua Park. There are daily return tours from hotels to this place and tourists are guaranteed adrenaline rushing moments. You will not only enjoy and splash water around but also engage in foam parties and dances.

Scuba Diving in Bodrum

  • Amateur-friendly
  • Fully Insured
  • Equipment
  • Photos Included

Bodrum Castle

This is a popular historical site and one of the top places to visit while you are in Bodrum. The castle, which was built around 1402-1437 has stunning domineering walls, beautiful turrets plus conspicuous towers which add to its unique magnificent look. Overlooking the harbor, Bodrum castle offers visitor’s silhouette views of the Aegean Sea. The impressive building also hides the renowned underwater Bodrum museum. Inside the walls of this castle lie precious artifacts as well as other archeological materials which were used during the Ottoman Empire.

The Bodrum Ephesus Tour

Ephesus is a historical city that dates back to the 10th BC. Once one of the largest commercial centers, according to research reports, it was the heart of the ancient Greek Empire. Taking a trip to this gem will allow you to walk back in time. The monuments, structures as well as the design highlight a deeper contrast of the ancient times and the current modern world. Walking along its marble streets, exploring the Temple of Hadrian and visiting the Great Amphitheatre will give you a real-life perception of the ancient life. Our Bodrum Ephesus Tour is conducted with a well-experienced English guide in addition to pickups and drop-offs. Whether you just want to soak up in the sun and enjoy the beaches, engage in water sports, explore the ancient structures, or immerse yourself in the Turkish culture, one of the places that offer all these is Bodrum. It’s a coastal city that’s considered as the melting point of culture, history, cuisine, and leisure. The brilliant tourist destination offers visitors everything that they need for a complete and enjoyable holiday in Turkey.

Bodrum Ephesus Tour

  • An amazing visit to the ancient world
  • Entrance to the Ephesus Ancient City
  • Lunch included
  • Professional guide & Insurance & Free pickup and drop off

Pamukkale From Bodrum

  • Visit one of the wonders of the world
  • Lunch included
  • The tour lasts whole day
  • Free pickup and drop off & Fully Insured

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