Things To Do In Fethiye Turkey

Things To Do In Fethiye

Welcome to our page about activities in the Fethiye territory. There’s a lot one can do on a single occasion in Fethiye, therefore, we have attempted to keep the rundown of must-sees short there is so much to see and do when you’ve depleted this rundown of basics. All suggestions are what we cherish about this region and what we might want to prescribe to you if it’s your first visit to the Fethiye zone of Turkey.

Proposals are in no specific request and we’ve expected your visits will be in the mid-year season when the climate in Fethiye is at its most sweltering else, we would have much all the more trekking recommendations on this rundown. Should you wind up here in the cooler and colder months, we have a couple of tips for enduring Fethiye in winter. What’s more, in the event that you do extravagant a meander in cooler months, here are a few strolls around Fethiye.

Likewise, this isn’t a page of Turkish sustenance and drink – for thoughts on filling your stomach and extinguishing your thirst while you are in Fethiye, see our page about Eating and Drinking In Fethiye. We additionally have a page highlighting the majority of our Turkish formulas, as well, in the event that you extravagant making a portion of your most loved Turkish dishes at home.   Also, in the event that you are still in the arranging stages, at that point remember to utilize our pursuit offices to discover shabby flights to Turkey and book inns at the best rates. Likewise, a large portion of the activities in Fethiye which are recorded here can be masterminded on landing, be that as it may, in the event that you are the kind of individual who likes to have things arranged ahead of time.

Fethiye Old Town

Walk around shaded Paspatur, the old town of Fethiye, and visit the numerous shops for every one of your gifts. Extinguish your thirst at Deep Blue Bar – well we said we were one-sided!   Fethiye Rock Tombs   Somewhat of a force, however, ascend to the primary Lycian shake tombs in Fethiye – the tomb of Amyntas – and take in the astounding perspectives on Fethiye marina and the entire of the narrows. You can generally remunerate yourself with a frosty cold Efes Pilsen when you return into Fethiye.

Fethiye Boat Trips

There’s not simply the 12 Island Boat trip that you may have caught wind of – in spite of the fact that they are absolutely astounding an incentive for cash (costs change all through the season, however, are entirely sensible) – 8 hours, around 5 swim stops and your lunch included. In case you’re situated in deniz, there are likewise day by day pontoon trips from the shoreline, there, as well.   In the event that you don’t care for the possibility of a major vessel, heaps of other individuals and music, at that point there are littler pontoons, as well. You could likewise book a private vessel trip from Fethiye or you can run with the al Boat Co-operation. Those could be around 150 for the pontoon through the afternoon and they normally visit the calmer inlets of Fethiye.

For an open pontoon trip from Fethiye, our undisputed top choice for an incredible esteem day out is the Sunday Market vessel trek to Gcek. On the off chance that throughout the day on a pontoon sounds a lot, a considerable lot of the vessels presently do half day trips and furthermore nightfall trips.

What’s more, in the event that you simply like getting from A to B through the ocean, make sure to utilize the Fethiye to al water taxi pontoon administration. Delightful whenever of day yet particularly terrific at nightfall. (Sail time of around 40 minutes. Leaves like clockwork in high season from both Fethiye and al.)   Hit The Beach!   Truly, we have shorelines! During summer, take Karagozler dolmu to the greater part of the inlets in Fethiye. Also, Aksazlar Bay, Samanlık Bays as well as Kuleli. On Sundays will most likely be exceptionally occupied with the Turkish families. In a full rundown of many inlets around there, investigate our total manual for Fethiye shorelines with a commented on and intuitive guide.

Go Out on the town to shop At The Local Markets

Incredible in case you’re self-providing food as opposed to remaining in one of the numerous inns in Fethiye. Wonder about the variety of new leafy foods on the principle enormous Fethiye Market before walking around the many phony fashioner garments, shoes, shades slows down. Can’t state we ever purchase any of the phony stuff however it merits a meander around. Goodness, and you should attempt Gozleme – A Turkish flatbread or the customary town bread, bazlama. (The huge market is each Tuesday in Fethiye, each Sunday in al – or if it’s simply the nourishment you’re after, there’s a charming, serene ranchers’ Friday showcase on the site of the Tuesday advertise. Hisarn showcase is each Monday, and iftlik Market, each Thursday and in case you’re up in zml, your market day is Friday.)

Ölüdeniz Beaches

No occasion to Fethiye, Turkey is finished without a visit to deniz; a standout amongst the most shot shorelines on the planet. Belcekiz Beach has the slamming waves or you can swim in the tidal pond. The dolmu from Fethiye will bring you down to the private shorelines of the tidal pond for nothing on the off chance that you ask the driver. We typically go to Sea Horse Beach however there are parcels to look over.


Kayaköy has numerous remains left from the populace trade among Turkey and Greece in 1923. Delightful farmland, Turkish town life and a pitiful notice of the past. Try not to leave Kaya without going to Cin Bal eatery where you grill your very own nourishment. The last dolmu back to Fethiye is around 8 pm in low season and 10 pm in high season so check with the driver on the off chance that you would prefer not to finish up in a taxi. Adventure time from Fethiye – around 40 mins) Or you can stroll to Kayaky from Fethiye in the event that you feel like it!

Saklıkent Gorge

Astonishing, amazing. Indeed, heaps of visitors go there in high season however puts become renowned which is as it should be. We never get exhausted of Saklkent Gorge. In case you’re here right off the bat in the season, go on any day with the exception of Sunday and it ought to be free from groups. You have the spouting rapids and huge precipice appearances to yourself. Eat at the marvelous Kayp Cennet Restaurant. (The typical situation – dolmues leave the dolmu station for Saklkent all the time.

Support Fethiyespor

In case you’re in the Fethiye zone amid football season (Aug/Sept to Apr/May) and Fethiyespor happen to play at home, you could generally come to give them your help – it’s modest contrasted with football costs you may be utilized to in the UK or somewhere else. On the off chance that you’ve never been and don’t have the foggiest idea what’s in store, neither did we before we initially went – it’s an encounter, and it’s great fun. We have a devoted page on the blog which is about Fethiyespor, and has connections to up and coming Fethiyespor apparatuses and the current Fethiyespor group table as well.

Şehit Fethi Bey Park

There is something here for everyone the biggest diversion region in the district.   Chill by the run, water, walk, cycle, utilize the open air exercise center. Also, if the children are exhausted, there’s an expansive play territory with heaps of highlights to keep them engaged. There’s likewise a skate park for the BMX, skateboard, and rollerblading fans. Here’s our photographic voyage through Fethi Bey Park.

The Fethiye Fountains

Each night, all through the mid-year season and on uncommon events consistently, as well, the wellsprings of Uur Mumcu Park (simply behind the new town square move to music and light up the region in flashes of shading. You can see some a greater amount of the wellsprings in our Fethiye wellsprings photograph post. Times for the wellspring demonstrates are posted around the recreation center.

Çalış Beach Sunset

Whatever your perspectives on al Beach, there is no denying that this little region of Southwest Turkey has a standout amongst the most excellent dusks on the planet. On the off chance that shoreline territories like al are simply not your thing, you truly should try to go down there if just barely to watch the sun go down. Our photograph documents are pressed with al dusk photographs. No two are the equivalent.

Tlos Ruins

Very underestimated the extent that we are concerned. We’ve seen numerous remnants in Turkey and the uneven Tlos close Fethiye is yet to be beaten for us. Astonishing perspectives over the Xanthos Valley. Lycian and Roman vestiges intermixed with mountain town life.

Fethiye Museum

Furthermore, when you’ve investigated the impressive Tlos ruins in their excellent setting, a visit to Fethiye Museum will demonstrate to you a portion of the finds from the Roman statues that were as of late uncovered there. The gallery is just little yet it’s certainly justified regardless of an hour or two of your time – particularly if it’s drizzling.   Umbrella Street   ‘Umbrella Street’ has a Sunday name; ar 95 Caddesi. You can perceive any reason why individuals allude to it as Umbrella Street and in Fethiye, it’s turned into somewhat of a visitor (and neighborhood) fascination.   Just as shopping, individuals currently come to 95 Sokak to take photographs of the umbrellas and photographs of themselves remaining underneath them. The umbrellas are certainly an absolute necessity see for Fethiye and you can nourish and water yourself along here either by sitting at Cafe or meandering into the concealed greenery enclosure of Kukina Cafeteria.

Gemiler Bay

Dazzling view and far from the hordes of deniz in case you’re searching for harmony and calm. Truly quiet ocean, ideal for swimming. A few little shoreline bars and hammocks on the shoreline. (The kaya dolmu goes right to Gemiler Bay each couple of hours or so in high season.   Fethiye Water Parks   In the event that water stops, slides and sprinkling are your things, look at Sultan’s Aqua City in al or deniz Water World in Ovack. Exchanges and get administrations can be masterminded from your lodging or you can get to either water park effectively without anyone else’s help.

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