Turkish Bath in Marmaris (Best Hammam & Massage Experience)

Armutalan Turkish Bath

  • A relaxing experience
  • Foam & oil massage
  • Sauna
  • Free hotel transfer service

Marmaris Turkish Bath (Ottoman Hammam)

  • A relaxing session
  • Foam & oil massage
  • Sauna
  • Free hotel transfer service

Marmaris Turkish Bath

  • A relaxing experience
  • Foam & oil massage
  • Sauna
  • Free hotel transfer service

Marmaris Vip Turkish Bath

  • A relaxing experience
  • Foam & oil massage
  • Aromatheraphy massage
  • Sauna
  • Free hotel transfer service

Turkish Baths in Marmaris are ones of the most popular places in Marmaris. Travelers who get tired of swimming, walking, traveling, enjoying water sports or even sunbathing during their vacation in Marmaris, get to the closest Turkish Baths in Marmaris to have the sense of ultimate relief. Of course, like many travelers in Marmaris do, local people prefer to visit Turkish Baths in Marmaris, too, due to escape from the stress, tiredness, boredom, tenseness and exhaustion. Thus, we can easily say that Turkish Baths in Marmaris are the wonderful gateways to the relaxing dimensions!

Now, you might wonder how Turkish Baths in Marmaris can do it if you think they are nothing than a bunch of buildings. However, it is not true; they are more than being some structures. Indeed, they are representatives of the traditional Turkish Bath culture and they introduce this valuable, historical piece of culture to whom visit Marmaris.

At this point, even if it has a world-wide popularity, you might know nothing about this undying tradition, and there is no problem at all: In the following paragraphs, we will give detailed information about what it is and how it processes. While you are learning the advantages of it, you will understand why you should ornament your holiday in Marmaris by signing up for sessions of Turkish Baths in Marmaris. In short, let us teach you everything we know!

What is a Turkish Bath?

Turkish Baths in Marmaris make visitors in Marmaris wonder what a Turkish Bath is, especially if they have no idea about it: When every nation has a bath culture, what makes Turkish Bath special? Well, in the answer, there are many items than only one actually.

Turkish Bath is a tradition that comes from ancient Romans and Ottomans successively, which is famous for its healing and relaxing effects, and also, special place and techniques. Addition to that, it also provides a deep cleaning from head to toe. Thus, a Turkish Bath session combines everything your body and mind could ever need and want. To do so, in a Turkish Bath session, hot air, steam, a special mitten called “kese” with natural fibers and horsehair, and natural oils and soaps are used by the professional staff of the facility.

Every step that occurs a Turkish Bath session follows a special pattern to maximize the healing and relief, and it has been done in that way for centuries. Of course, today, this traditional process is mixed with modernity in terms of being more hygienic and comfortable. In the following paragraphs, we will examine every step of process of a Turkish Bath, and you will learn better what will happen when you join in the programs of Turkish Baths in Marmaris.

The Process of a Turkish Bath

If you consider joining in Turkish Baths in Marmaris to spoil yourself during your holiday in Marmaris, you should know you will have what you want; because what happens there is completely is designed to make you feel like a brand-new person! Therefore, let us explain every step of it clearly.

  1. At the first step of Turkish Baths in Marmaris, you enter the Turkish Bath (also known as Turkish Hammam or Ottoman Hammam) and you are led to the changing room to get undress and wear your swimsuit. After wearing your swimsuit and put your belongings in your locker, you wrap your body with a traditional cloth called “pestemal”.
  2. Next, you enter a hot-air room that resembles a sauna which is hot and full of steam. Yet, this room is very different that an ordinary sauna in terms of having a marble platform in the center of the room. In addition, there are also fountains that warm waters flow if you want to wash your body. This session is prepared to soften your skin and enlarge the pores on it, which will help you for a deeper cleaning in the following step.
  3. What follows sitting in the hot-air room is the scrubbing part, and this part is one of the core items of the traditional Turkish Bath. In this step, you lie down on the heated marble platform, the professional staff of the Marmaris Hammam comes and starts scrubbing your body delicately with the help of a special mitten that is made of natural fibers and horsehair. During this period, you can see how dead layers of your skin leave your body and you get cleaner.
  4. In the following step of Turkish Baths in Marmaris, you enjoy a foam massage. In a mass of foam, you are massaged softly by the licensed masseurs/masseuses, and you get relaxed easily. This step also reflects the traditional part of Turkish Hammam culture: If you have ever seen the representing photos of a Turkish Bath, you will see people in their pestemals look like snowmen!
  5. At the end, Turkish Baths in Marmaris offer you different types of extra services which are luxurious and satisfaction-guaranteed. Oil massages, mud baths, face masks and peeling applications, different types of steam rooms, SPA service and more can be selected to multiply the joy and relief. Also, you can always order soft drinks such as herbal teas for an “inner” relief during your time in the facility.
  6. When every step is done, you wear your clothes again, take your belongings back and get ready to leave the place. As soon as you arrive to your hotel, we can guarantee that you will be feeling as light as a feather.

Why Should You Visit Turkish Baths in Marmaris?

If you already are or plan to be in Marmaris, you can experience the authentic atmosphere of Turkish Baths in Marmaris while you are having the process that is mentioned above. Of course, steps of this process are not only relaxing, but also they have a high-level of healing effect on the human body, and by reading the following lines, you will learn the benefits of Turkish Bath.

  • Firstly, while you are sitting in the hot-air room, you breathe the steam in and your respiratory system improves during this time; because the essences of different types of herbals (such as eucalyptus) are used to make the steam. Therefore, if you have breathing issues, this step will help you breathe more efficiently.
  • Secondly, the scrubbing part is very beneficial for health, because it revives the blood circulation, and this is a key to solve different kinds of health issues. For example, after this step, your muscle tension is reduced, your immune system is boosted, and some of the skin diseases such as acne, cellulite and dryness from dehydration can be cured. Especially if you go to hammam regularly, you will see the striking difference.
  • Thirdly, it is a fact that natural olive products are very beneficial for the skin, and you can benefit from the abundance of the nature during the relaxing foam massage and olive oil massage. In these steps, you can clearly see your skin gets smoother and more shining, since natural products are used, not chemicals that we have to face everyday life.
  • And lastly, we do not need to mention the relaxing effect of Turkish Baths in Marmaris, do we? From beginning to end, you will get rid of the toxins and all of the negative vibes that capture your mind and soul!

In short, joining in programs of Turkish Baths in Marmaris is a matchless gift for you!

Who Can Join in Marmaris Hammam Sessions?

Turkish Baths in Marmaris suit everyone who are in Marmaris and want to spoil themselves. Of course, before booking your program, we would like to highlight that if you have a health issue, you should ask advice from your doctor about participating, since the steam and temperatures of the facility might affect you. If you are healthy or your doctor approves, though, you can freely go there and get away from the mental and physical aches for a while!

Marmaris Private Turkish Bath Session

Amongst all kinds of Turkish Baths in Marmaris, the most exclusive one is Marmaris Private Turkish Bath session doubtlessly; hence, it doubles the duration of the most relaxing parts of the classical Turkish Baths steps. For example, generally in all Turkish Baths in Marmaris, the scrubbing and foam massage parts take 10+10 minutes which equal to 20 minutes in total; however, it gets 20+20 minutes in Marmaris Private Turkish Bath session. Of course, this option offers you a deeper cleanness and detox. Moreover, duration of the following part which is oil massage also gets doubled: reaches to 40 minutes in total. Yes, it means you will be massaged for nearly 1 hour by a professional masseuse, and it will make you feel like a feather at the end. In other words, 40-minute oil massage is what we call “rebirth”, and you will have a chance for being a phoenix by joining in a Marmaris Private Turkish Bath session!

The Best Marmaris Hammam

There is a variety of Turkish Baths in Marmaris, and to choose one of them might be very hard, especially if you have no time to do some research. Yet, you are lucky that you have already met the best Marmaris Hammam session providers who will offer you the best experience!

As Marmaris Travel Agency family, we arrange a professional program from beginning to end. In our Marmaris Turkish Bath session, for example, the price includes to/from transfer system between the Marmaris Hammam we will go and your hotel, all of the steps of a classic Turkish Bath, and even 30-minute free oil massage! In other words, you will receive more than you want and dream of!

By clicking the related links, you can see the content of our hammam program and other Marmaris excursions we arrange. Also, you can always contact us, and we will help you gladly.

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